Wednesday, March 9, 2011

checklist persiapan kahwin

dh lama tak update blog..byk sgt nak crita tp smua pun tersimpan je..ok kali ni nak ckp pasal my checklist..look at wedding counter at the side bar..huhhh..time flies rapidly..2months 3weeks left..lets checkout my wedding checklist:

1. catering - done
2. pelamin+deco dewan+baju - done n paid
3. souvenir - done n partially paid
4. paper bag - 300pcs bought left 100 more
5. hantaran - left kain/baju
6. homestay in penang, melaka n johor - done
7. kad jemputan - payment made n artwork checked waiting for printing-done
8. ring for him - pending
9. dewan - booked n paid half
10. kain for pengapit - done
11. kain for family - done
12. deco for hantaran - idea gained,waiting to search for the deco stuff
13. baju nikah - sent for alter
14. tdg for nikah,sanding,bertandang - done
15. kasut nikah - pending
16. borang nikah - completed n waiting for abah to sign
17. OP - done n to be paid for 2nd payment
18. kompang/silat/gendang rebana - booked

hari ni jugak dpt tgk artwork kad kahwin dari vendor..mcm xpercaya plak bila tgk my name was written on d card..boley tak?huhu..ok for those who are searching for kad kahwin i would like to suggest JENTAYU DESIGN..i can said that almost all of card produced by this company really satisfy my needs..they are all simple yet may go to this link:

one of the sample that i heart so much is this one:
somehow i never got this for my card because kekanda and i didnt agree much with the material used for the inlay..but they had the similarity in term of colour with this one as we opted for brown..
till then.:)


  1. Cantekla..nmpak msti mahal kan..;)


jgn malu2 introduce siapa anda ye..anonymous tak wujud dlm kamus hidup saya..terima kasih..:))